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How-to: Debian: Automatically mounted loopback images with dm-crypt, LUKS, pam_mount

How to create encrypted loopback images with dm-crypt and LUKS + automatically mounting them after login with pam_mount

I recommend using debian squeeze for this scenario as lenny includes a very old version of libpam-mount and I had lots of problems when I tried using it.
Using only the libpam-mount package and its dependencies from squeeze maybe (I didn’t try it and I wouldn’t recommend it either) does the job too, but at least has a very bitter after taste if you take a closer look at the dependencies.

Debian Lenny: pam_mount, files and loop devices

When I was trying to automatically mount an encrypted image at login using pam_mount, I encountered a strange problem:
I wasn’t able to find any errors in my configuration (at least none connected to this behaviour), but mount.crypt was unable to mount the image.