TYPO3 4.5, t3mootools and JSMin

If you are trying to open the backend module of t3mootools 1.3.0 in a TYPO3 4.5 installation you’ll probably notice that besides a PHP error (PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class JSMinException in typo3_src-4.5.0/typo3/contrib/jsmin/jsmin.php on line 297) nothing is going to happen. This is happening because t3mootools includes (and uses) a copy of JSMin which is now also integrated in the TYPO3 core.

Fixing this issue is pretty easy:
1. open typo3conf/ext/t3mootools/mod1/index.php in your favorite text editor
2. look for

3. replace it with

Of course XClassing the file would be a better solution but as we can expect a fix with the next version of t3mootools, I think this is an acceptable solution.

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  2. Tomcat (1 comments)

    Danke, wenn man für jeden Haken im T3 so schnell auf ne praktikable Lösung treffen würde … ;-)

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